Big Changes!

Where did all the recreational scuba diving stuff go?!

You may have noticed some big changes on our website as of late… most notably, the absence of just about everything relating to recreational scuba diving. Why? you might be asking yourself…

Well, the answer is quite simple.

Travel scuba Covid

COVID-19 took a great big toll on our operation just like it did on everybody. This means that we had to downsize even further. We had to vacate the shop we were occupying because well, after being shut down for months, and the landlord not even cutting us a break with the rent, well, the bills just kept adding up. It became a matter of paying our living expenses or paying the rent and utilities for a shop that was shut down indefinitely. Even after some travel restrictions eased up, business was still not to the point where it was covering the expenses generated by keeping the shop and paying the utilities and all the stuff. Recreational diving equipment had to be sold to cover expenses, and eventually, we decided to give up the shop.

Cave Diving to the rescue!!

However, the income I was generating from teaching cave and technical diving courses did more that cover our living expenses.

As some of you may know, I don’t need to have the shop for these types of courses. Over the past decade, I have managed to forge a good reputation as a cave and technical diving instructor here in Playa del Carmen, as well as a really good reputation as a cenote diving guide, therefore people will look for me (Erik Rosenstein) and the Beyond Diving brand.

Since I was already not really doing a whole lot of recreational diving anymore besides guiding dives in the cenotes, and the majority of my time was spent teaching sidemount, cave diving and technical diving courses and leading guided cave dives, I decided to take the leap and follow my gut instinct. After all, if you do something well, you should stick with it, right. And by what I’ve been told, I am a pretty damn good cave and tech diving instructor (not that I am not good as a rec instructor).

Anyways, in special cases, when a former student or return customers come to Playa del Carmen, I will do recreational dives. You hear that, guys?! I am not dumping you!! I will just put more of my focus on what I truly enjoy doing, and that is teaching technical diving, cave diving and other forms of advanced diver training.

SO if you want to learn from someone who is truly passionate about it, shoot me an email, give me a call, or hit me up via whatsapp. Let’s get a conversation going and let’s have some fun!

See you underwater!


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