Below you can find the most common questions we get asked regarding Beyond Diving.  If you have a question we didn’t cover, please don’t hesitate to email us!


Unfortunately, local laws forbid us from offering pick-up/drop-offs. Only specially plated tour vans, buses and taxis are allowed to do so. Anybody who gets caught doing so without one of those vehicles and without the proper documentation faces vehicle seizure (with all equipment inside) and fines upwards of Mx$100,000. If you are staying in downtown Playa del Carmen, then for sure we will pick you up at your apartment or down the street from your hotel, otherwise, we will have to meet at a spot in town.
In the event that we (Beyond Diving) have to cancel ocean dives due to unforeseen circumstances such port closures by the harbor master due to bad weather, we will make every attempt to reschedule your dives. . When it is a guest who cancels the reservation, if the reservation is cancelled within 5 days (7 in high season), a full refund will be offered. If the cancellation happens outside of this period, no refunds will be offered. If a guest fails to show up to his/her scheduled activity, or cancellations are made within 24 hours of the activity, this will be considered a no-show, and all deposits will be forfeited, and the day's activity will be charged at standard rate. If the guest cancels his/her activity due to medical issues, a note from a local doctor (which must include signature and license number) must be presented to avoid forfeiture of deposits. For courses, if the e-learning option is taken, once the codes have been sent to the student and the student has registered for the e-learning course, the deposits cannot be refunded.
We do ask for a 50% deposit at the time of booking (100% in case of single days of diving).
Sorry. We do not. Only in very special circumstances. Please contact us to see about booking recreational ocean dives.
18 years old. Although some instructors might allow children as young as 15 to participate in such training courses, I do not. 18 years old is the minimum age required for this type of training.
There are many different options a for your courses. You can do E-Learning which means that all of the theory would be completed by you prior to your arrival in Playa del Carmen, and then we go straight to the water. All of these courses have minimum time requirements. They are performance based rather than time based. The minimum number of days are based upon the number of dives we need based on standards, however, you may need more training days, so I always suggest to budget for at least 2 more days that what is stated on the course descriptions.
Absolutely! Every dive center in the world will recognize your TDI card.
Usually our services are private. This means that it will be only your group. For courses, no more than 3 students per instructor. Cave diving trips are a private thing. Cavern dives are no more than 4:1 ratio. So very small groups.
Yes. Since we limit our group size to 4 divers for cenote trips, we have enough gear to set up 4 divers. We use backplate/wing setups which are a lot more comfortable, streamlined and all around better than standard jacket style BCDS.