Bull Shark Diving in Playa del Carmen

Every winter, dozens of pregnant female bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas)migrate to the coast of Playa del Carmen to give birth to their offspring.  From late November to late February, we have daily trips to the sand flats just off the coast in Playa del Carmen to dive with these magnificent animals.

All of our bull shark dives are strictly no interaction dives. This means we do not feed, chum or use any means to attract the sharks to our location. Doing so could compromise your safety and that of the sharks. Not to mention that feeding the sharks alters feeding patterns and can cause them to associate humans with food, which could turn into an accident.

There are several rules we must follow in order to make the dives a safe and enjoyable experience for everybody

  • Wear dark, full wetsuits
  • Avoid brightly colored fins
  • Remove shiny objects, necklaces, etc
  • Descend and ascend as a group
  • Stay flat on the bottom with arms close to body
  • No feeding ever!
  • Participants MUST be at minimum 15 years of age with parental consent (parent must sign consent form) or 18 years old without parental consent.
  • Participants Must be at minimum Open Water Diver certified with minimum of 25 logged dives, having been diving within the last 12 months. If participant has less than 25 dives, a  prior checkout dive must be done to assess the participant.


Bull shark + Reef Combo $115/person

Nitrox 32% is available for $6.00/tank

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