Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen

Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen

Ocean Diving in Playa del Carmen

Beyond Diving has 2 daily 2-tank trips to the reefs of Playa del Carmen. Our area has something for every diver. From shallow reefs full of life with little current to deep drift dives for advanced divers only.

With water temperature ranging from 23-30 degrees (depending on the season) and visibility generally in excess of 20-30 meters (obviously weather patterns will have an effect on that), we are in a truly special part of the world.

We have over a dozen sites all within a 10-15 minute boat ride.

Since we are located in the Yucatan Channel we will always have some current on all of our dives. This makes for amazing, lazy drift dives where you don't have to fight the current to get back to a mooring line.  All of our guides and instructors carry SMB's to let our Captain know where we come out.  This allows us to see a lot more of every dive site than you would normally see on an anchored dive where you have to turn around at one point to head back.

What can you see when you dive in Playa del Carmen?

That is a common question we get asked.  Being in the Caribbean Ocean affords us a great biodiversity and biomass.

Large congregations of turtles call our area home year round. We have hawksbill, green sea turtles, loggerheads that we can spot usually eating around grassy areas or chewing on some barrel sponges with some luck and a little help from mother nature on any given dive.

We also have a great variety of moray eels. From giant green moray eels to tiny little golden moray eels, it is not uncommon to spot at least a half dozen on any dive.

Great big schools of fish swimming gracefully around the reefs are the norm. Huge schools of grunts, jacks and angelfish, Sargent Majors watching over their nests, blue tangs, and huge puffer fish are just some of the many things that we see every day.

Then we have the small critters. The shallow reefs in Playa del Carmen are a macro photographers dream. With little to no current, you can look for cleaner shrimp, mantis shrimp, wrasses and a myriad other little animals with no worry about getting swept away by the current just as you were going to snap the next cover picture for National Geographic.

The deeper reefs is where we usually spot the big pelagic animals. Along the outer edge of the reefs, on the continental shelf, we can sometimes spot marlin, sailfish, tiger and bull sharks.

So no matter what site you go to, you will see something amazing!



Please note that we need at least 2 people to go out on ocean dives. We cannot go out with a single diver.

2 - Tank Morning Trip: $85/person

2- Tank Afternoon Trip: $85/person

Prices include tanks, weights, snacks & purified bottled water.

Equipment rental: $15/person/day

bull shark diving in Playa del Carmen
Mantis Shrimp
Stingray in playa del Carmen
Giant Moray eels