Cozumel Direct Trip from Playa del Carmen



You have heard of how epic the diving in Cozumel is, but you do not want to waste your entire day for two dives.  Well, have no fear!  Beyond Diving is one of the only dive centers in Playa del Carmen that offers a direct trip to Cozumel.

What can I expect when I dive Cozumel?

Well, for starters, the visibility will have you amazed. The norm in Cozumel is to have visibility in excess of 30 meters. All dives are drift dives, which means you don't really have to work at all... just adjust your buoyancy, get neutral, and ride the current.

The coral reefs and walls in Cozumel are for the most part in pristine shape. This is because Cozumel has been a National Marine Park since 1996 (Source: Wikipedia).


What will I see in Cozumel?

Cozumel has lots of life. Beautiful reefs, and tons of small and big animals for you to find.  If you are into photography and video, this is a great place for either activity!  Just mind the current as it can get strong some days.

The fast boat ride to Cozumel takes approximately 40 minutes, and then the serious fun begins.

The first dive in Cozumel is usually a deep wall dive with a maximum dive depth of around 70-80 feet/20-24 meters.  The second dive is a shallow reef dive with depths of around 40-50 feet/12-15 meters.

The Schedule is as follows:

We meet at our dive center at 8:00 AM, walk over to Coco Beach (2 blocks away) after we've taken care of all necessary paperwork and equipment fitting, and hop on the boat. Boat departs between 8:30-8:40 AM and returns at around 1:30 PM.


Cozumel Direct Trip Prices:

Available as a package.  Check out our Dive Packages page, or contact us.

Trip includes: 2 dives, Cozumel National Marine Park Tax,  tanks, weights, purified bottled water and snacks on the boat.

Equipment rental is not included.



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