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Scuba Dive With Beyond Diving

Scuba Dive in Playa del Carmen, Cenotes and Cozumel  


Would you like to go for a few dives or learn to scuba dive along the reefs of Playa del Carmen? Perhaps train to become a certified Cave Diver or Technical Diver?


Cenote Cavern Diving Beyond Diving is not just another dive center in Playa del Carmen.  Whether you are a seasoned diver wanting an adventure, or a newbie who wants to learn to scuba dive, or maybe you want to become a more proficient diver, we are here to help. We offer daily trips as well as training courses through PADI  and IANTD.

Our Dive Center is personally attended by the owners who are passionate divers and dive instructors. All of our rental equipment is top of the line. Our BCD's, wetsuits, fins and masks are Aqualung and our regulators are Apeks. The way we see it, if we wouldn't use our own rental equipment, neither should our guests. We want you to have a completely safe and enjoyable experience while you are our guest. We dont want you to worry about the condition of the rental equipment.

We are not a cattle boat operation. We have always worked under the principle that scuba diving should be an enjoyable activity for all involved. Be it the instructor, divemaster or our divers, we want everybody to have a great time during the dives. That is why we have set a limit of no more than 4 divers per instructor/guide ever!  Also, we want to get to know you! We want to help you become a better diver even if you don't take a scuba course with us. We will help you fine tune your buoyancy, get the proper weight you need for your dive and maximize your dive time!  After all, you have come all this way, so we want to make sure your dive lasts as long as possible (within safety limits).



 Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen

 Playa del carmen scuba diving reef gruntsPlaya del Carmen has a fantastic selection of reefs within a short boat ride of our staging area. We have a combination of deep sites and shallow sites all 5-15 minutes away  from the beach. Everything here in Playa is drift diving. That means no fighting currents for half of the dive because we have to get back to the mooring line. Forget that! We drop in, and we let the current take us. We have a so much life in our reefs, sometimes it is total sensory overload! Giant moray eels, big southern stingrays, big schools of Grunts, Blue Tang, juvenile and adult Drumfish, bar jack and Bermuda Chub, Hogfish, Snappers... you get the picture, oh, and of course, let's not forget TURTLES!  We have sponges, soft and hard coral, all sort of big and small critters for you enjoy. If you're into macro photography, you will love it here!  If you're into wide angle photography or video, you will not be disappointed!



 Scuba Dive with Bull Sharks!


Join us all winter long for the exciting and exhilarating bull shark dives! Every year,dozens of female bull sharks migrate to our coast and share their grace with us allowing us the pleasure of diving with them. These are strictly no interaction dives. No feeding or chumming is ever allowed on our dives with them. We simply drop in on the designated shark viewing zone and marvel upon these majestic animals as they swim gracefully without ever creating a feeding frenzy which could potentially end up in tragedy.


Bull SHark Diving PLaya del CArmen



 Scuba Dive in The Cenotes

chac mool cenote scuba diving

Ever wanted to dive in the "veins of the Earth"? Located inland, and sometimes quite deep in the jungle you will find these magnificent "sinkholes" known as Cenotes. The cenotes (from the Mayan word Ts'onot meaning "well") are the natural pits or sinkholes that have resulted from the collapse of the bedrock (don't worry this happened thousands of years ago) exposing the groundwater below, giving us access to magnificent unground and underwater cave systems that literally make the Yucatan Peninsula look like Swiss Cheese. While with most divers (unless cave trained) we will only get to see the cavern zone (also known as the Natural Light Zone), believe us, these will be the best dives of your life! Our guides will never put you in harms way by taking you off the caven line and into the cave (believe us, it happens quite often!).  Think visibility in the hundreds of meters. Rock formations dating back thousands of years. So long in fact that they have witnessed the rise and fall of every civilization that walked this land before us.  Pretty mind blowing, huh?  Now imagine that you will get to go scuba diving amongst all of that history. It is indeed an experience unlike any other you have ever had!  Join us and let us take you for the adventure of a lifetime. Come scuba dive in the the cenotes with Beyond Diving! 

Cenote Pit scuba diving

Lionfish Hunting

You can make a difference by joining us in one of our Lionfish hunting trips, where we go out specifically to try to help control the population of these invasive and extremely destructive fish.  Afterwards, we may even feast on some fresh ceviche! Lionfish have become an extremely destructive force that have taken over reef systems all over the Atlantic and Caribbean. Since they have no natural predators, and it was us (humans) who introduced them to these areas, it is up to us to remove them before the damage is irreparable. Did we mention they are GOOD EATING?? YUM! So remember, Save the reef! Eat Lionfish. We are an official REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) Monitoring Station.

lionfish hunt

Learn to Dive Today! 

 PADI is the world's biggest and most recognized scuba diving training agency. Our certified and experienced instructors will make sure your certification course is fun, safe and stimulating. If you're already certified, and would like to further expand your scuba diving education, we offer all levels of PADI certification from Discover Scuba  for those wanting to try diving for the first time, Open Water Diver  for the ones ready to take the plunge and get their SCUBA Diving Certification all the way up to Divemaster as well as many Specialty Courses! We take pride in actually training our divers. We don't just hand out certification cards.  Certification must be earned. Our students divers finish their courses being proficient, safe divers. Divers that don't look like they are walking on the bottom or on the coral. We teach our students to actually dive! That is the Beyond Diving difference!


We also offer IANTD courses all the way to Technical Cave and Trimix Diver.  You  have worked hard to become a proficient diver, don't settle for substandard technical or cave diving courses. At Beyond Diving, we will push you to the limits of your physical ability and show you that those limits are all self imposed. We will work as hard as you do to make sure you are the best cave and/or technical diver possible.  Mind you, Technical and Cave Diving is not for everybody.  These courses and this type of diving require much discipline, commitment and planning. You think you have what it takes? Then check out our Technical and Cave diving courses section and take the next step in your diving evolution.

Coming for several days?! Want a a Multi Day Dive Package?

We offer dive packages to suit your schedule. You can choose from one of our pre made packages, or you can create a custom dive package!


So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this page? Start exploring the rest of the site and see everything that we have in store for you and everything that you can experience during your next dive vacation to our small slice of heaven.



PADI Playa del Carmen        IANTD Playa del Carmen Cave Diving

Scuba Diving with Bull Sharks!


Join us all winter long for the exciting and exhilarating bull shark dives! Every year,

dozens of pregnat female bull sharks migrate to our coast and share their grace with us allowing us the pleasure of diving with them. These are strictly no interaction dives. No feeding or chumming is ever allowed on our dives with them

Dive with Bull Sharks

Join us this winter (November to February) for the excitement of diving with bull sharks! Beyond Diving does not feed or chum to attract the sharks. We let them come to us naturally and peacefully without creating a feeding frenzy!

Dive with Bull Sharks in Playa del Carmen


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Take your Enriched Air Diver Course with us and enjoy FREE NITROX for all dives you do for the rest of your stay!

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